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By Bethan Wright

The bomb cosmetics sunkissed shimmering body butter is a beautiful, nourishing cream that does exactly what is expected with an extra bonus of essential oils.

I tried and tested this beautiful lotion for a while, because I have particularly dry skin so it takes a little bit longer for a products benefits to be seen and I can say with this product there are definitely a lot of benefits.

With a shea butter base the butter glides on in a thick emollient and melts into your skin, feeling luxurious and rich. The natural shea butter also ensures that your skin is moisturised and feels smooth without exposing it to chemically made moisturising elements. Even on my dry skin, I have noticed a huge difference. I no longer have dry, even flaky patches but now soft, smooth skin…which is especially impressive considering the changing weather we are getting here at the moment.

Next let’s talk about the scent. In this product there are patchouli and mandarin essential oils, which do wonders for the smell of the product.
It’s a musky but still summery scent that isn’t too strong that it is all you can smell, but every now and then you do catch a little whiff! The scent
definitely lasts throughout the day as well, which is nice. The essential oils I mentioned are also really helpful to smooth and restore your skin in a natural way, which is a nice added bonus!

Now, the fun part about this body butter that sets it apart, is the cool little glitters running through the whole pot! With gold and blue iridescence this moisturiser is perfect for putting over your whole body before a big event, I especially love the way it looks on my legs. It is something that just adds an extra touch of shimmer for that dose of glamour. And with a tan the effect is even better!

The best thing about this whole product, which is the last thing I have to mention, is that it has not been tested on animals! So not only is the product itself amazing but it’s kind to bunnies too!


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