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By Bethan Wright

I’ve recently tried out one Fizzy Foam’s bestsellers, The ‘Over the Rainbow’ Blaster by Bomb Cosmetics and Just had to write a review for you!

bethan rainbow 1

First, we need to talk about how cute this is before you even use it, the rainbow, the glitter the little blue sky in the middle all looks adorable. It kind of made me not want to use it because it looked so cute on the side of my bath.

When I got over the cute and released this bomb into the bath, this beautiful blaster fills the whole bath with glitter of small gold stars and blue strips which instantly disperse into the water. Then the white section starts to effervesce meaning the blue centre and rainbow spins around up and down the tub.

There is no colour change at first but you can see the moisturising milky effect on the water. As the blue starts to dissolve, that is when the water starts to change to a baby blue hue.

This relaxing Bath Bomb contains jasmine and clary sage essential oils to create a calming scent that is detectable but not overwhelming. The scent is light and simple, not heavy and sickly sweet.

The effect on the skin is also moisturising and softening, which you can feel even while still in the bath, although there is no greasy film which you can find on some bath bombs.

However, the fun glitter I mentioned earlier definitely becomes a little bit of a pain the little flecks grab onto your beautifully moisturised skin and stay there! So maybe pick a day that you don’t have a big function afterwards, unless you want to look like a glitterball. I definitely found a few pieces in my hair as well! On that note definitely make sure you rinse out your bath as soon as you get out otherwise there will be glitter stuck to the sides everywhere.

I will say the glitter didn’t really bother me as I stayed in for a pamper night, and I loved this blaster I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a few bath goodies.

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